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07/04/2012 - MGI on TG Focus Economia

Reportage about Marmi e Graniti D’Italia aired during “TG Focus Economia” for a documentary about stone technology and design. Interviews and filming done during the 2012 Marmotec convention in Carrara from May 23 through the 26th.

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07/11/2011 - Caldia® Cube on

Article about the “Caldia® Cube” collection on the online magazine for architecture and design

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06/13/2011 - Caldia® Cube on Interni magazine

An insert on Interni magazine of june 2010 with a description of the Caldia® Cube collection plus a short video filmed by designer Francesco Lucchese for that shows some of the sculptures of the collection itself.

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02/09/2011 - The Caldia® on Fair newspaper

Advertisement about the Caldia® on Fair, the german newspaper of design and architecture, issue number 9 of february 2010.

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