Lithic Dragonfly – Phase One

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Dear reader,
A few months ago I revealed details about a future workshop we had in mind and I promised you some updates getting closer to the time ofMarmomacc. So, being true   to my word, here are the latest developments for our Lithic Dragonfly project:
With the assembly of the scale prototype (required to test the balance of all the components), we have now completed phase one. As you can see for yourself, the project has evolved quite a bit from the original model shown in the teaser video.
In addition to being twice the size of its prototype, the actual piece will also feature
a metal frame around the dragonflies and a pattern of wires, weaved on their
bodies and wings, to add stability to such a delicate composition.  The final assembly   of Lithic Dragonfly will be performed by students and professors of the Politecnico   di Bari University, during the workshop that will take place in our factory this coming   June (below you can see the flier promoting this event).
More pictures and videos will be posted on our media channels as the project moves on, so stay connected with us if you are curious to see how we master the laws of physics.
Best regards,
Marketing Manager
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Lithic Dragonfly - Phase One
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