Modigliani competition: phase two

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At the end of October 2013 I wrote an article about the Festival Modì and the competition, held by MGI, to design a new fountain in honor of Modigliani (you can read about it here). Many international architects participated in this project creating, over the course of 2 months, their first draft of the fountain. A jury composed of one Modigliani expert, 2 architects and one artist, selected 3 drafts, out of all the designs submitted, that will now advance to the second phase. The finalists will be invited in Italy next month to tour and learn more about MGI‘s quarries and factory, and to visit the fountain’s proposed site in the city of Livorno. After the trip, the 3 competing architects will use the gathered information to further develop their designs and make any changes they believe fit; the final projects will then be scrutinized by the jurors and a winner will be announced.

This is all I can reveal for now, in the upcoming articles you will get a chance to “meet” the jurors and learn the names of the 3 finalists; you will also have a direct insight on their designs through the interviews that I will conduct during their visit. In the mean time, here you can see some teaser images of the 3 projects, I hope they will spark your curiosity to learn more.

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Nicola Ventre

Modigliani competition: phase 2



Modigliani competition: phase two

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