MGI goes green

Dear reader,

In the past few years a lot of attention has been put on the use of clean and renewable energy, in order to reduce the amount of pollution that derives from fossil fuels. Among the new technologies available, not only for the manufacturing industry but also for the private sector, photovoltaic systems have encountered a good amount of success and approval, since their first applications. Many are the benefits to the environment that derive from solar power, such as: not generating any chemical residue or waste, not producing any noise pollution and not radiating; least but not last, the Sun it’s a nearly inexhaustible energy source, as opposed to coal, natural gas and oil which are quickly depleting.

Being true to our respect for the environment, we recently decided to invest in a brand new photovoltaic system, which has now been producing clean energy for the past month. With a nominal power of 300 kWp, the 1200 modules that compose the system will cover almost 60% of our annual demand; the total amount of energy produced in one year will account for approximately 347,000 kWh, drastically reducing the environmental impact of our production (-40 tons of CO2).

This is all for now, wishing for some sunny days ahead of us (to remain on topic), I send you my warmest regards; our next appointment will be in September with the beginning of the preparations for the 2014 Marmomacc.

Nicola Ventre



MGI goes green

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