Carrara robotics

New frontiers of robotic innovation

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In the last few years Marmi e Graniti d’Italia has dedicated itself in supporting innovation and technology for the stone industry; one of the latest frontiers in our field is definitely the interaction between robots and natural stone which has grown esponentially in the last decade. Many of the technologies already in use derive from other industries, such as the automotive, but every field offers different applications, some of which are still unexplored. Starting from this awareness, MGI decided to conduct two simoultenous workshops, in collaboration with top partners of robotic R&D; all tests were conducted in our factory, using MGI’s materials. Here are the reviews and videos of both experiments:

Workshop #1

Concept:  Jelle Feringa (co-founder of EZCT), Hyperbody TU Delft

Hardware development: Jelle Feringa, Frank Van Brunschot

Partners: Hyperbody, ABB, T&D Robotics

Statement: Hyperbody explored the application of a robotic diamond wire saw to evaluate whether industrial robots are capable of the demands and challenges that processing stone requires. The results of the experiment surpassed all expectations offering a quality of cut comparable to CNC machinery. The possibility of perfecting the approach, integrating diamond wire cutting with milling and polishing, is currently being explored in collaboration with T&D Robotics.

Click HERE to watch the video (editing by Lucas Terhall)

Workshop #2

Concept:  Pierpaolo Ruttico (founder of INDEXLAB)

Project team: Andrea Rossi, Lila Panahikazemi, Pietro Pizzi

Hardware development: Politecnico di Milano, INDEXLAB

Partners: INDEXLAB, ABB, T&D Robotics, Nieder

Statement: INDEXLAB developed a lightweight marble and steel prototype, combining computational design with robotic manufacturing and assembly. The prototype is a Delaunay triangulation on a double curvature surface. The continuously varying geometry is driven by bitmap patterns that define the aesthetics of a facade. The experiment challanges new frontiers and pushes the boundaries of the building construction industry.

Click HERE to watch the video (editing by INDEXLAB)

This is all for now, I hope you enjoyed watching the videos; I’ll be back to you next month with our holiday greetings for the “most wonderful time of the year”.

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Nicola Ventre

Carrara robotics
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