Velvet and Pebble: new entries in the Caldia family

Dear reader,

MGI is starting the new year with a true statement: our technical and commercial department worked hand in hand to develop 2 new products that we believe will generate interest in the architecture scene. The idea behind these products was to take something already succesful (like our Caldia marble) and make it better by expanding its field of applications. So it is with pleasure that I introduce you too Caldia Velvet and Caldia Pebble:

Caldia VelvetCaldia Pebble

Now, as you might guess, it is very hard to appreciate the beauty of these products just from a couple of photographs; what makes Caldia Velvet and Caldia Pebble different from other finishes is, of course, their texture, which is also the reason behind their names. These treatments, that we can apply on both tiles and cut to size panels, are the results of several tests performed on the material to obtain the best compromise of quality and innovation. If you are interest in the Caldia Velvet and Caldia Pebble, please let us know and we will gladly send you some samples; also, don’t hesitate to contact us should you require additional information regarding sizes and pricing.

Best regards,

Nicola Ventre

Velvet and Pebble
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