Stone Skin: the future of free-form panels


_Dear Reader,


_Lightweight stone panels are nothing new, technologies like aluminum honeycomb backings

_or the GFRS (Glass Fiber Reinforced Stone) have been around for a while, finding their

_application in the construction industry. Now imagine the possibilities that would open up if

_those same lightweight panels could be shaped into curved surfaces. 


_Designed by our esteemed friend Prof. Giuseppe Fallacara of Bari Polytechnic University and

_developed by Ticino-based company Generelli SA, our latest research is focus on achieving

_this goal, creating thin free-form panels in natural stone, reinforced through the use of

_carbon fiber. The first prototype using our Perlato di Sicilia marble is already complete and,

_as you can see, it’s holding together pretty well; next, we’ll be adding two more furniture

_pieces, recreating a living space to be showcased in September during the Verona

_Marmomacc fair. 


_Best regards,
_Marketing Manager

_MGI – Marmi e Graniti d’Italia Sicilmarmi


Stone Skin
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