Milestone of Elegance


Villa Dallevo

  • Client: Private owner
  • Architect: Oscar Micail
  • Year of completion: 2011
  • Location: Sao Paolo, BRAZIL
  • Project type: Residential


Owned by a famous entrepreneur of a Brazilian TV network, this beautiful villa, with two swimming pools (one covered), 18 bedrooms, a movie theater and an heliport, is considered on of the biggest mansions in Brazil. The project consisted in supplying approximately 1500 square meters of 2 cm honed Caldia marble cut to size for flooring and staircases and also 700 square meters of the same material (1 cm thick) to be used as mosaic.


  1. Material: Caldia honed
  2. Thickness: 3 cm slabs and 1 cm mosaic
  3. Format: CTS e mosaic
  4. Quantity: Approx. 2200 sqm



Villa Dallevo


Villa Dallevo

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